Loungewear concept video proposal + Instagram story video

America Today

The project was an assignment from America today with the brief: create a concept for our new loungewear campaign. Slogan: “ The best to relax” The campaign has to be : Fun, American and the objective was to show my creative take on this project and not to stick to their house style. Oh and I had 3 days to do it. So of course  I went out of my way and delivered a campaign shoot plus a professional instagram campaign video in the comfort of my own home. 

My concept voor this project is an American style sleepover. The art work shows young adults together, relaxing in fashionable lounge wear. They watch TV, play video games and eat popcorn. The photo’s are made from the televisions perspective, thus the screen edit effect. The zeitgeist is from this moment, the generation who love to scroll on TikTok and who wants to get together in the cold winter months.

I was inspired by the American classic Pulp Fiction, and so I recreated the iconic film poster to make a true American classic reverence. Initially I wanted to show two women to show more inclusivity but since I had 3 days to make it happen I asked my boyfriend to play with me in the commercial instead. I shot this commercial with the help of DOP Roy Verver under my direction.